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Line Supernatural 86 Skis, 2018

Line Supernatural 86 Skis 2018 Line Supernatural 86 Skis, 2018The Supernatural 86 from Line is excellent option for strong intermediate to expert level skier who is looking for stable and smooth ski for groomers, with versatility to hit some serious bumps, or ski off trail on occasion. Maple Macroblock Core works together with Metal Matrix to enhance stability..
Line Sick Day 94 Skis 2018 Line Supernatural 86 Skis, 2018The all new Line Sick Day 94 is slightly slimmed down and snappier version of its predecessor. Line’s new Magic Finger Carbon Filaments utilize Carbon Stringers that run from tip to tail of ski that add extra stability and pop, while reducing total weight of ski. 5-Cut Sidecut used different radius ..
Line Chronic Skis 2018 Line Supernatural 86 Skis, 2018Sit back and take whiff of Line Chronic. This pungent ski is long-time favorite for park rats looking to get as high as possible in air, or wax double kinked rail with extra dank style. Symmetrical Flex Pattern will have you bit disheveled and help you ride or land switch. Line’s Maple MacroBlock Wo..
Line Tom Wallisch Pro Skis 2018 Line Supernatural 86 Skis, 2018The Tom Wallisch Pro from Line makes perfect freestyle ski for any park rider. Designed to withstand rigors of X-Games and Dew Tour superstar, Wallisch Pro has Fatty Base and Edge this is thicker and stronger than average ski, because you are going to grind these skis on anything but snow. Line’s Ca..
Line Sick Day 88 Skis 2018 Line Supernatural 86 Skis, 2018The new Sick Day 88 will be one of great value skis this season for intermediate to advanced skier who spends majority of their time on groomers, but looking to expand terrain that they ride. Line’s Aspenlite Wood Core creates lightweight and stable feeling with ability to rip and carve on frontside..
Line Honey Badger Skis 2018 Line Supernatural 86 Skis, 2018The Line Honey Badger is back for second season as great ski for park and freestyle skiers looking for snappy performance and easy maneuverability. Honey Badger uses Symmetrical Flex and -3cm mounting position to allow you to spin easily, and land or ski switch with ease. Extruded Fatty Base and Edg..

Line Tigersnake Skis, 2018

Line Tigersnake Skis 2018 Line Tigersnake Skis, 2018The Line Tigersnake makes great ski for teenager or tween who is ready for their first pair of park skis. Made with Line’s 4D Fibercap Construction, Tigersnake is forgiving and snappy ski, which feels light on feet, and does not need much energy to make ski react. Carbon Ollieband utilizes carbon st..
Nordica Avenger 75 Skis Line Tigersnake Skis, 2018The Nordica Avenger 75 is great learning tool for true beginner to mellow intermediate skier that wants ski that is easy to steer and control. Avenger 75 is made with Recreational camRock that has rocker/camber/rocker profile with Transfer Zone that widest point of ski is 5 centimeters longer than t..
Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis 2018 Line Tigersnake Skis, 2018If you were one of skiers that hemmed and hawed about Nordica Enforcer and missed out this past season, two time Ski of Year Champion is back again to defend title. Unchanged aside from graphic Enforcer makes strong contender to three peat. Nordica’s Energy 2 Titanium Construction uses dual titanium..
Nordica Enforcer 93 Skis 2018 Line Tigersnake Skis, 2018The Nordica Enforcer 93 brings same performance and power as its wider waist brother but slimmed down version for skiers who will be spending more time on groomers. 93mm waist cuts and carves when you are on groomers, pounds through bumps, and gives you ample floatation when you want to dip into fre..
Nordica Navigator 85 Skis 2018 Line Tigersnake Skis, 2018The new Nordica Navigator 85 makes solid ski for intermediate to advanced skier looking for very well rounded ride for groomers and light off trail skiing. Nordica’s new Titanium Hex Bridge Construction uses layer of titanium over laminated Poplar and Beech Wood Core to give you precise energy trans..
Nordica Enforcer 110 Skis 2018 Line Tigersnake Skis, 2018A new ski from highly successful Enforcer family, Nordica is proud to bring you Enforcer 110. Enforcer 110 takes all of great qualities and wraps them up into slightly wider package as killer ski for aggressive skiers who will be charging through powder, seeking out fresh snow and pointing them down..

Line Magnum Opus Skis, 2018

Line Magnum Opus Skis 2018 Line Magnum Opus Skis, 2018The Line Magnum Opus is perfect all-mountain, freestyle, powder ski for any skier seeking surfy, lightweight ride. Line’s Cloud Core uses futuristically blended wood and composite materials to give Opus very light-on-your-feet feeling that is stable and responsive with anything you can throw at it o..
Line Mordecai Skis 2018 Line Magnum Opus Skis, 2018The Line Mordecai is perfect ride for aggressive skier who loves bopping through powder in trees and building their own booters in woods. Another creation from ski shaper Eric Pollard, Mordecai has ultra-lightweight feel on feet thanks to Partly Cloudy Core and Thin Tip, which keep weight of ski dow..
Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis 2018 Line Magnum Opus Skis, 2018The Sir Francis Bacon from Line is skiing renascence man’s Eric Pollard’s all-mountain ride, and makes excellent ski for progressive skier looking to spin and launch in air, slay some pow turns, and really get after it anywhere on mountain. Partly Cloudy Core keeps strength to weight ratio nice and ..
Line Supernatural 92 Skis 2018 Line Magnum Opus Skis, 2018The Line Supernatural 92 makes excellent choice for aggressive skiers looking for strong carver with ability to dive through bumps and rip through light powder. Line uses 5-Cut Sidecut which has five different radius shapes to work together that allows you to manipulate Supernatural 92 into any turn..
Line Blend Skis 2018 Line Magnum Opus Skis, 2018The Blend from Line is supersized park ski that loves spending as much time playing on boxes as it does in soft snow. Symmetrical Flex helps you spin easily, either off of booter in backcountry or park feature. Line’s 5-Cut Sidecut uses 5 different turn radius shapes that delivers all-mountain versa..
Line Sick Day 104 Skis 2018 Line Magnum Opus Skis, 2018The new Line Sick Day 104 is incredible value for advanced to expert skier looking for fantastic performance in fresh snow and crud with ability to carve it up on groomers. biggest addition to new Sick Day 104 is Magic Finger Carbon Filaments. These Carbon Stringers run entire length of core that pr..